MIM equipment

LechTech, with its focus on MIM, is specialized in identifying the right equipment for your process requirement in the MIM process.

Injection Molding Machines

Injection molding machine shapes the feedstock and gives the initial shape in the MIM process. Injection molding machines come in various sizes such as 40T, 60T, 80T, 100T etc. The choice of the injection-molding machine needs to be evaluated based on the machine specifications along with the end product requirement in terms of size, weight, and features of the product. We at LechTech understand MIM and will set up a MIM processing line with the ideal equipment based on your cost constraints and end product requirements.

Debinding Furnaces for MIM

The choice of a debinding system depends on the kind of binder system used. Binders systems are either wax based or polymer based. Wax based systems use solvent debinding techniques whereas polyacetal based binders use catalytic debinding. BASF catamold technology claims to be 10 times faster than the conventional debinding technologies.

We at LechTech identify the right kind of binder systems and requirements for your process and guide you to the best debinding solution.

Sintering Furnaces for MIM

Strides in furnace technology have further helped manufacture of components by MIM process. Today there are a host of furnace providers for a one cycle vacuum debinding and sintering furnace, without contamination of components, furnace chamber, and hot zone. The choice of the size of the furnace will depend on the application and material requirements of the end product and volume of production. We provide a comparative analysis of various furnaces and pick the best for the use of our clients.