Powder Metallurgy (PM)

Powder Metallurgy (PM) is a manufacturing route, which uses metal, ceramic or alloy powders for manufacture of simple to complex shapes. From the first tungsten (W) light bulb filaments a century ago to the miniscule dental bracket or heavy alloy penetrators used in defense PM technology has enabled rapid strides in the various industrial sectors by minimizing the cost, saving power, and creating new materials which are otherwise not possible. Hence, this unique green technology is the answer to manufacture complex parts in millions for all commercial applications

PM Process in a Nut Shell


As the Figure illustrates the process is relatively simple in theory but the practice requires experience and technical know-how.

Advantages of PM

  • Cost savings up to 50% in comparison to other techniques! Economics! Economics! Economics!
  • Unique properties through tailored designed compositions. Controlled porosity for special applications.
  • Green Technology: Energy and Material efficient
  • Simple to complex shapes with many design features
  • Production capacity of millions of parts per week!
  • ONLY technique of choice for high temperature materials
  • Near net shape technology with high quality and precision