PM equipment

LechTech specializes in the product design and evaluation for technologies such as Atomization, Powder production through reduction, Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses and Furnaces.

Atomizers: Gas and Water

Atomization technology relies on a melt and disintegration of that melt into droplets that freeze into particles. The energy can be imparted via a gas or a liquid medium such as water. The use of air, nitrogen, helium or argon as a gas for breaking up molten metal is termed gas atomization. In cases where water is used to disintegrate the melt, the process is termed water atomization.

Equipment designs vary with respect to molten material feed mechanism and the sophistication of the melting and collection chambers. Gas atomization or water atomization depends on the purity of the powder, shape and application for which the powder is manufactured.

We design and supply the atomization units for your specific powder requirements.

Presses (Mechanical and Hydraulic)

Powder compaction presses come in many sizes and features. A common measure of a press is based on the tonnage. Bulk of the powder compaction is performed on presses in the range of 50 to 250 tons. The pressurization mechanisms vary between presses and include hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic and hybrid systems.

Mechanical presses are offered in various sizes ranging from 25 to 800 tons for powder compaction operations. We deal with state of the art presses for compaction.

Sintering Furnaces

Sintering Furnace controls the time-temperature path in the sintering cycle. The furnace performs these operations in either a batch or continuous mode. The choice of the furnace depends on the material, volume and applications. Batch furnaces offer flexibility since each program is different. However, vacuum sintering and pressure assisted sintering are performed only in batch furnaces.

We offer a solution for your sintering needs by providing continous pusher and belt type furnaces, sinter HIP, and vacuum furnaces for a variety of applications.

Reduction and Annealing Furnaces

These furnaces are ideal to reduce metal powder such as iron powder, copper powder, cobalt powder, aluminum powder, tungsten powder, and calcine and perfectly refine some metal salts such as cobaltous oxalate and APT.

Other Furnaces

Heat treatment furnaces, melting furnaces, hearth furnaces, and resistance furnaces all can be supplied by us for your unique process needs.